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Conspiracy of Silence thriller audiobook


Conspiracy of Silence thriller audiobook


It’s been almost two decades since Nina escaped the horrific events that shaped her youth. Since then, she has worked hard to reinvent herself by checking all the right boxes: a prestigious job as head of marketing for a leading technology company, a beautiful home in a posh Boston suburb and a handsome, successful husband.

But Nina’s past returns with a vengeance when wealthy philanthropist, Phillip Copeland, the man who nearly destroyed her all those years ago, offers her the job opportunity of a lifetime.  When Nina declines his offer, the stage is set for an explosive showdown.

With her life under threat, Nina risks it all to expose a shocking conspiracy of murder, secrets and lies—saving the bombshell revelation no one will ever forget for last. But will a stunned jury believe her, or will she be dismissed as a pathological liar with a toxic agenda, determined to take down an innocent man?


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Our Wicked Lies thriller audiobook


Alicia Gray knows she’s a lucky woman. With a wealthy, successful husband who whisks her away on romantic trips, a beautiful home in one of the country’s most affluent zip codes, and two wonderful daughters, life couldn’t be better. But when she uncovers a string of suspicious emails between her husband and the mysterious Faith, Alicia quickly learns that her seemingly perfect marriage is nothing more than a house of cards about to come crashing down.

Our Wicked Lies is a chilling, twisty domestic thriller that takes betrayal and obsession to new heights, laying bare the dark side of marriage and the tragic consequence of wanting what you can't have.

 Comming Soon

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