Her marriage is to die for...


Alicia Gray knows she’s a lucky woman. With a gorgeous, successful husband who whisks her away on romantic trips, a beautiful home in one of the country’s richest zip codes, and two wonderful daughters, life couldn’t be better. However, she's about to learn that an enviable marriage comes at a deadly cost.


Who is Faith, and why are dozens of emails between her and Alicia’s husband hidden in his draft folder? Why were the messages never sent? As Alicia embarks on a desperate quest to uncover Faith’s identity, a shocking death hits close to home and sends her reeling. Was it a tragic accident or something more sinister?   


In this beautiful town of wealth and privilege, nothing is as it seems, and everyone has something to hide. While Alicia struggles under the weight of dark secrets from her own past, someone knows more than they’re saying— someone who knows the truth will come at a devastating price.


Emotionally gripping and expertly plotted, this heart-pounding, compulsive read is the perfect domestic thriller for fans of The Wife Between Us, The Husband’s Secret and The Couple Next Door.



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“Hop on board and hang on for dear life for this is one hell of a ride!! Twists and turns at every juncture and they are coming fast!! I couldn't put this book down. I read it in one sitting. Best book I have read in a very long time.”

—NetGalley Reviewer

“I absolutely loved this book. I was gripped right from the beginning and all the way through. There were so many twists and turns throughout that it kept me constantly guessing. I could see this book being made into a film. Brilliant!!!.”

—NetGalley Reviewer

“Excellent plot…and a shocking ending. I Absolutely loved this book!”

—Goodreads Reviewer

"I couldn‘t put this novel down, because there were too many twists and turns I just didn‘t see coming. It kept me guessing till the nerve-wracking end."

—Bookworm 7


"The plot has more twists and turns than the famous San Francisco Street and before the final page, there is another complete shocker. This is my first book by this excellent author, but it certainly won’t be my last."

—Goodreads Reviewer

“This book is for the psychological thriller lover. The twists and turns are mindboggling.”

—NetGalley Reviewer

“A thrilling page-turner with many twists and turns. A recommended read for fans of Liane Moriarty or Shari Lapena.”

—NetGalley Reviewer

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