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But first, grab The Inside Girl, your FREE novella of psychological suspense.

Company secrets can be killer


Ambitious career girl, Natalie Green, loves her job as director of marketing for Paxitron, one of the most innovative tech companies in the country. But while working late one night, she overhears a chilling conversation between two executives.


A stunned Natalie flees the office, hoping that nobody saw her. But when the company’s chief financial officer dies under mysterious circumstances just days after handing her a flash drive he said was her insurance policy, Natalie realizes she’s in mortal danger.


With escalating threats and someone watching her every move, it’s clear that Paxitron is hiding dark secrets. But will Natalie survive the attempts on her life long enough to discover the horrifying information contained on the drive?

When you’re done reading The Inside Girl, more  relentless suspense and mind-blowing twists await you.


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