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The deadliest lessons aren’t taught in the classroom


In this electrifying YA thriller trilogy, enter a world of privilege, power, and deadly secrets. Follow the Rambally siblings, Lucas, Blake, and Alexis as they unravel the dark underbelly of their elite New England boarding school:

·       A mysterious disappearance

·       A deadly quest for revenge

·       A scholarship worth killing for 


Three stories. Three siblings. One treacherous institution.

Lucas, the leader: He's always in control and trusts no one. But he's hiding a dark secret that may be connected to his friend's disappearance.


Alexis, the maverick: She plays by her own rules but her relentless quest for revenge against a formidable foe might destroy her promising future.


Blake, the star athlete: The laid-back twin brother of Alexis, Blake finds himself in treacherous waters. There are sharks on his swim team willing to kill for a shot at a Division One college scholarship.  

Perfect for fans of One of Us Is Lying and Cruel Intentions, this addictive series explores the lengths people will go to protect their secrets, the price of revenge, and the devastating consequences of unchecked ambition.

If you crave YA thrillers with heart-stopping suspense, shocking secrets, jaw-dropping twists and romantic vibes, this series is your next obsession. 


  • Next Generation Indie Book Awards for Best Fiction Series 

  • Eric Hoffer Award First Runner Up in Mystery/Crime 

  • IPPY Awards Silver Medalist in Suspense / Thriller 

  • National Indie Excellence Award Gold Medalist in Suspense 

Final 3D-A Game of Malice.png


Welcome to Branson Academy, where ruthless ambition is a blood sport, secrets can kill, and trust is a dangerous game

Lucas Rambally has a solid plan for junior year: win another soccer championship, maintain his perfect grades, and uncover the identity of his biological father. But his plans collapse when his friend, the brilliant and complicated Mackenzie Fleming, vanishes without a trace.

As rumors swirl, some say Mackenzie is pulling another disappearing act; after all she's done it before. Yet Lucas can’t shake the feeling that something is terribly wrong. When he uncovers dark secrets about some of Branson’s top faculty and administrators, Lucas realizes too late that he's stumbled into a twisted game of lies and corruption.

But who is playing who? And why does queen bee Ivy Ishihara warn Lucas to watch his back using sinister chess metaphors? Determined to find out what happened to Mackenzie, Lucas's investigation hinges on one devastating truth: no one at Branson is who they appear to be. In a school where lies are currency and trust is a luxury, uncovering the truth might be the deadliest move of all.

Packed with deadly stakes, unexpected twists, and shocking secrets, A Game of Malice will leave you guessing till the very end.


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